Finally... a place to properly cellar your beer - custom designed by Craft Beer Hound!

Craft Beer is a journey. At some point on this wonderful journey, you may find yourself overwhelmed and excited by the sheer number of beers, styles and breweries out there. You may even find yourself buying more beer than you can drink or buying big bold beers that you want to age in order to discover how their nuances change over time. No matter what the reason, you need somewhere to properly store those beers!

While browsing the shelves of your favorite bottle shop, have you ever noticed that beer is always stored upright on the shelves (as opposed to wine which is often displayed on its side)? You may not have thought a thing about it, but there is a reason for this. Beer - particularly bottle conditioned craft beers - has a small amount of yeast in the bottle that is left over from the fermentation process. That stuff at the bottom of the bottle or floating in your beer is called sediment. Though it is in no way harmful (some even say it’s B vitamins can save you from a hangover) it can produce off flavors in your beer. To minimize that risk, beer should be stored upright in order to ensure the sediment has as little surface area as possible in which to interact with the beer.

When it comes to preserving the integrity of the beers that brewers work so hard to create, storage conditions are important even for the short term. Beer needs a dark, cool place with very little temperature fluctuation where it can be stored upright.  

Since we haven't seen any cellars on the market which accommodate these requirements, Craft Beer Hound has custom-designed and built a beer cellar that can hold up to 40 beer bottles upright at a constant temperature that can be adjusted as desired between 45-64 degrees Fahrenheit. Our custom shelving units can accommodate 12 oz, 22 oz and 750 mL bottles.