A Must Try Spicy Barbeque Beer Brat Recipe - No Grilling Required

  Spicy BBQ Beer Brats
This recipe was really surprising.  So simple and easy--just throw everything in the slow cooker (after you brown the brats) and it was spicy, sweet and complex.  Delicious!!  A must try no-grill beer brat recipe: View full article →

The 13 Best Beer Breads; Sweet, Savory & Everything Breads--All Easy

Beer Bread combines two of my favorite things, beer and bread add cheese and you’ve got a serious triumvirate.  Here are 13 of the best beer bread recipes ranging from a simple 5 ingredient beer bread, to sweet beer breads, to the everything bagel of beer breads with cheese, bacon and jalapeños.  There are two types of bread recipes, quick bread--think banana bread and bread that uses yeast and must have time to rise, but the best part is we all of the recipes we showcase here are easy--no kneading necessary.  Take a look...


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October 13, 2014


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Beer Chocolate Chili Recipe

We love trying beer related recipes and are definitely going to try this one...

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March 11, 2014


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Truly Tasty Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe for St. Patrick's Day!

How do you make truly tasty corned beef and cabbage?  We did the testing so you can be the star of your St. Patty’s Day party!
We tried traditional recipes with water and broth as well as recipes with beer of course!  And the winner is…

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Smoked Porter Beershake

Smoked Porter Beershake (makes 3 or 4, depending on the size of your glasses)

What you need:

     -  1 ice cream sandwich (I used Eskimo Pie I.C. Sandwiches, not regular Eskimo Pies)

     -  4-6 ounces porter or stout (I used Stone Smoked Porter) - more is not necessarily better

     -  1 scoop vanilla bean ice cream, softened

     -  6-8 ounces milk, just enough to help the blender blend

How you do it:

    1.  Blend all ingredients, adding milk as needed in a blender until thick and frothy.

    2.  Pour milkshake into glasses and serve and ENJOY!