Insulated Reusable 6-pack Beer Carrier--A Great Gift for Beer Lovers

Craft Beer Hound's Insulated Reusable 6-Pack Beer Carrier

The Perfect Gift For Beer Lovers This Summer!

Insulated reusable 6-pack beer carrier


Reusable 6-pack carriers are a no-brainer gift for beer lovers.  Whether you use it when creating mixed 6-packs at your favorite bottle shop, to carry beer to your next bottle-sharing party or just to avoid soggy paper 6-pack syndrome - Reusable 6-pack carriers are super handy to have around and people always comment on how they’re so cool!  So, as always, when we look into carrying our own we wanted to make sure it was the best reusable 6-pack beer carrier, so we did your homework for you!

After taking a look at what was out there, and getting our hands on all different types of 6-pack carriers and putting many to the test, here's why we chose this one as the winner:


  • It's Insulated - The durable Neoprene construction insulates your beer--cold beer rocks!!
  • Makes carrying easy - The handles are reinforced and ultra comfy
  • It's Convenient - holds standard water, beer, and soda bottles and cans - Use it for any occasion!
  • There's a handy side pocket - Great for your keys and bottle opener!!
  • It's Tidy - Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Fits Snug - It’s Form-fitting design protects your beer bottles and cans from banging together--no breakage!!
  • It's Reusable - Save the earth people!!
  • Makes a great gift!!





    Finally, this Insulated Reusable 6-pack Beer Carrier keeps your beer close at hand and at its best!  I wasn't sure how I was going to like it at first, but we use ours all the time!  This convenient neoprene carrier is constructed of heavy-duty, form-fitting neoprene so it's ideal for toting your cool beverages to the park, the beach, or sporting event.  

    That's our winner folks.  We searched, we carried and we sipped to bring you the Coolest Reusable 6-pack Carrier around!

    Order yours here:  Insulated 6-pack Beer Carrier 



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