The 13 Best Beer Breads; Sweet, Savory & Everything Breads--All Easy

Beer Bread combines two of my favorite things: beer and bread. Add cheese and you’ve got a serious triumvirate.  Here are 13 of the best beer bread recipes, ranging from a simple 5 ingredient beer bread, to sweet beer breads, to the everything bagel of beer breads with cheese, bacon and jalapeños. 

There are two types of bread recipes: quick bread (think banana bread) and bread that uses yeast and requires time to rise, but the best part is all of the recipes we showcase here are easy--no kneading necessary.  Take a look...


Basic Beer Bread Recipe - It's easy, with only 4 ingredients and super delicious.  Experiment with different beers and see how it changes the flavor.  Watch out for those super hoppy IPAs, you can really taste the bitterness of the hops, so it isn't for everyone.   Get the recipe from


Swiss Beer Bread - Cheesy without the grease and a little tartness from the cheese comes through. Try a lighter style beer in this bread to let the cheese shine through. Get the recipe from


Cheddar Jalapeño Beer Bread - Yum!  There is nothing that goes together better than cheese and jalapeños--and beer!  A mild IPA or a good blonde would do nicely in this one.  Get the recipe from



Banana Beer Bread - Yep, you read it right, banana bread just got better.  This one is made with a winter spiced ale, but I bet a pumpkin ale would work wonderfully!  Get the recipe from



Cheesy Green Onion Beer Bread - The green onions go so well with the cheese, it uses a touch of honey instead of sugar and it makes two loaves!!  Just see if you can get the second one in the freezer before it gets eaten.  Get the recipe from



Rosemary Red Onion Beer Bread - Here is a bit of an Italian twist on beer bread with fresh rosemary and parmasan cheese. Get the recipe from



Rye Irish Stout Soda Bread - Whole grain and full of flavor, this bread is rich and spicy with a cracker-like addictive quality that keeps you going back for more.  Get the recipe from


Stout, Oats and Molasses Beer Bread - A whole wheat Irish soda bread recipe with a lovely dark beer and molassas twist.  Just 45 minutes to this beautiful rustic style loaf- Yum!  Get the recipe from



Cheesy Bacon Jalapeño Beer Bread - I don't have any words--AMAZING!  Get the recipe from



Sausage Cheese Beer Bread - This loaf with it's crusty outside and cheesy, sausage-y bits is just amazing.  I would keep the beer on the lighter side with this one, maybe an amber would work nicely.  Get the recipe from


A note on flour:  Many of these recipes call for self-rising flour. You can substitute regular all purpose flour by using this formula, 1 cup of self-rising flour is equal to:
1 cup all purpose flour
1 1/4 teaspoons baking powder
a pinch of salt
Use this for EACH cup of self-rising flour called for in a recipe.



Yeast Based Bread - does need to rise, but no need for kneading:

Yeast breads are a bit more of an investment in time, but they have so much to give, that it's worth the time.  And if you've never made bread at home, it's really not that hard.  And these recipes don't even need to be kneaded!!  Give it a try...


Cheesy Sausage Beer Bread - This is a great rustic loaf and the cheese and sausage filling throughout is a bonus!  Get the recipe from


 Cheesy Garlic Tavern Bread - Super easy and light and fluffy!  Get the recipe from


Okay, this one does need a little kneading, but it only takes 3 mins and look at it!!

Garlic Parmesan Hefeweizen Pull Apart Bread - Everything about this beer bread is amazing! Get the recipe from

Already have a bread recipe that you love?  You can easily turn it into a beer bread recipe, just substitute beer in any bread recipe for the water, and see what you think.  Why would you want to do that?  Just ask chef, Jaimie Oliver.  Why does Beer Bread make so much damn sense??  See his thoughts here.


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