Anatomy of a Great Home Bar, Essentials To Make Your Home Bar Great


Home bars are as different and varied as the people who own them.  Some are eclectic and eye-catching while others are clean and contemporary. They can be large or small; located in basements, garages, or backyards; and reflect the owners' personalities and preferences. So what does it take to make a great home bar?

The best home bars have at least a few of these essential features.  Look and learn:

#1.  A Unifying Theme - I know what you're thinking--a theme, really?  What kind of a theme are we talking about?  Something like..."

Wine barrel-themed home bar from
A ranch-themed home bar from
Whoa, there buddy.  It doesn’t have to be a Martha Stewart design and you don't have to go crazy, but having a style, inspiration or focus in mind really helps to give you some direction.  It can be anything--a photo you love, a pub you visited or a unique piece of furniture or art that inspires you.  You just don't want to end up with something that Clark Griswold could have created.


#2.  Great Lighting - Lighting is key.  You can use it in all kinds of ways to create different moods.  Natural light is amazing, but fixtures can be totally unique and a great way to create accents in even the simplest of spaces.  And adding some lights-under-the-cabinet action is a great finishing touch.


A pub-style home bar with very cool lighting fixtures from



A home bar incorporating light into cabinet space and under counters,

shows how light adds a warm glow from


#3.  Draft Beer! - Beer on tap tastes better and it's super cool, especially if you like to throw parties or keg your home brew.


A draft beer station is like a home brewer's trophy case.


Okay, so maybe a keg of beer is a little much for you, this one is a MUST have:

#4.  A Beverage Fridge - No matter what your drink of choice leaving the bar for a cold beverage is a downer!

Small and bright home bar from

#5  Cool stools - Bar stools aren't just a place to rest your rump--use them to embellish your bar.  Again you don't have to go crazy, but have fun with them!

Retired kegs turned Into very cool bar stools


#6  Glass racks - It may seem inconsequential, but a hanging glass rack can turn even the smallest space into a very cool home bar.  Plus, they keep your counter space clear and really complete the home bar feel.  


A Tiny Classy Home Bar

#7  Entertainment - An activity is a fun addition to any home bar.  Whether it is a big screen TV to watch the game, a poker table, or even just a couple of board games or tavern puzzles--having something to do is a great icebreaker and makes for a great time!

Something to do or something to watch makes a home bar complete,



So there you have it--our list of essential features to include to make your home bar great!  



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