How the HandleBand Smartphone Bar Mount Will Change Your Life!

Seriously. It will change your life.

We are always on the lookout for unique gadgets that make you wonder how you ever lived without them.  The HandleBand Smartphone Bar Mount by Nite-Ize is one of those gadgets.  Smart phones have become an instrument of our everyday lives, we are never without them.  They are not just our phones, but our clocks, music players, pedometers, timers, cameras, video cameras, grocery lists and they guide us to the coolest destinations.  And this unique gadget, makes it so much easier to get the most of your favorite device.  Here’s why you can’t live without it:


  • It’s universal.  The HandleBand fits nearly every smartphone, with or without a case.  Android phones and iPhones, whether it has a case or you like buying new phones--you can get the most out of your smartphone with the HandleBand’s universal design!  
  • It’s great for anyone.  The HandleBand mounts to most common bar diameters, from 0.7"-2". Mount it on your road bike, mountain bike, golf caddy, golf cart, jogging stroller, standard stroller, ATV, or grocery cart.
  • It’s user friendly.  The Split Strap allows for visibility and accessibility to the screen while still attached to HandleBand.  View, control and navigate your phone apps while your smartphone stays firmly in place.  You can even use it as a camera mount.
  • It’s convenient. Attach and remove your smartphone without removing the HandleBand from your handle bar.
  • It’s versatile.  Easily attaches to most handlebars in either horizontal or vertical configuration, giving you complete control to decide what works best for you!
  • It’s lightweight strong and durable.  The simple, robust design holds your device securely, even during off-road riding. The silicone and aluminum design doesn’t add a lot of weight, just a lot of lasting benefits!
  • Why do we at Craft Beer Hound love it??  The aluminum base piece functions as a convenient bottle opener!!  When you are done with your ride, jog, or strenuous grocery run--have a beer.  You deserve it!

The HandleBand makes it easy to make the most of your smartphone by keeping your hands free and your apps available no matter what you are doing!  I never thought I needed a smartphone mount, until I used this one.  Now I want one for every handlebar - bike, stroller and one for the shopping cart!! It just makes everything easier.


Want to try it out?  Get yours here:  HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount



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