Meet The Best Beer Growler Ever And Find Out What Made It Our Winner!

Craft Beer Hound's Half-Gallon Insulated Growler

The Best Growler Ever!

When we decided that we wanted to add a growler to our product line-up we wanted to bring you absolutely the best growler out there.  We did your homework for you and after much studying, testing and tasting here's why we chose this one as the winner:

  • This growler will keep your beer cold ALL DAY!  Seriously, all day.  It's double-wall vacuum-insulated design means your beer can sit out at room temperature for up to 12 hours and stay cold!  Great for picnics, barbecues and gatherings.  Just think of all the space you'll save in the refrigerator.
  • This growler is durable.  With its stainless steel construction and powder coated finish you won't have to worry about breaking it like you would with a glass growler. 
  • This growler is easy to clean.  It has a nice wide mouth that gives you much better access to keep your growler clean and your beer tasting fresh and delicious.
  • This growler has a CBH exclusive hop design.  And, more importantly, no brewery logo so legally it can be filled by any brewery!

Finally, this growler makes sure your beer tastes at its best!  I was concerned when we first tested the stainless steel style growlers that the metallic flavor would be passed onto the beer.  This is not what happened.  In fact, we found that because the opaque metal protects it from the sun and, in the case of this unique growler, it also protects it from the heat so the beer tastes as fresh as it does at your local brewery.    

That's our winner folks.  We searched, we studied and we sipped to bring you the very Best Growler Ever!

Order yours here:  Best Growler Ever!


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