Craft Beer Hound's Cap Collector Shadow Boxes Are Here!



After months of searching for a supplier to help us step up production to keep up with the popularity of our shadow box Cap Collectors, after sample after sample to get it right and after a HUGE backup at the port of Long Beach - WE HAVE THEM in our hot little hands!!


On this Thanksgiving weekend, here are a few things we are particularly thankful for:

Thank you first and foremost to all of our customers and to those who purchased pre-orders - THANK YOU! Your Cap Collectors are on their way well in time for Christmas.

1. Thanks to the excellent staff at PCC Logistics - particularly Doug and Jonathan who worked tirelessly to help us get our container out of the Long Beach Terminal.

2. Thanks to Larry at Avalon Products who taught us everything we know about importing!

3. Thanks to our husbands Toby and Hugo who are amazing supporters and who make Craft Beer Hound possible. 

4. Thanks to Gina's parents and parents-in-law who have given freely of their time, intelligence, experience, baby-sitting services and garage spaces.

5. Thanks to Amy's parents, in-laws and family/friends who have supported her in spite of thinking she might be crazy.

6. Thanks to Tiffany and Charlie and all of the Beer Coasters for their enthusiastic support and help at beer festivals.

7. Thanks to all of Amy's neighbors particularly - Tamara, Christian, Theresa and Mike - who helped her move a mountain of shadow box frames and to Cindy, Jean and Ann for their endless moral support.

8. Thanks to Jor for our bi-weekly entrepreneurship meeting of the minds.

9. Thanks to Ann Marie and Mike for letting us crash with them any time we needed to.

10. Thanks to our wonderful suppliers who have helped us build a portfolio of gifts and gadgets that we never could have done on our own. 

Here are a few pics of our journey:

Amy and Gina waited anxiously for the shipment to arrive and be released from the Long Beach Terminal. We worked for days in Gina's parents' house - and they were so kind to let us invade their space for an indefinite number of days!

We kept ourselves busy with fantastic San Diego beers (here at Bottlecraft). 

Finally, we got the call that our shipment had arrived - so we hopped in our trucks...

We're so thankful that Gina and Amy didn't crash the huge moving trucks they drove all over the country AND that they both backed the trucks up to the loading dock without making fools of themselves. :)


Amy and her hubs drove part of the shipment all the way back to Boulder, Colorado for shipping!

Over the Rockies!

Needless to say, we feel so fortunate that all went well with the weather and long journey. Now we look forward to hearing from you how much you love your new Cap Collector!

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