A Backpack For Your Growler: Made in Colorado!

Here's a fun new item for beer geeks that we got to try out this week: Brew Rasa's Locomo Growler Back Pack

We biked around Boulder and stopped at local breweries to fill a gallon growler and a 22oz bomber plus we picked up a 12oz bottle of Avery's Pump[KY]n (couldn't resist). The pack has elastic holsters inside that will securely hold a combination of growlers, bombers, small bottles and cans. Plus, it has a pouch for your computer and lots of extra zippered compartments for smaller stuff. 

The straps are super-comfortable. By the time we had loaded the pack with all of the beer we got, it weighed 21.2 pounds... yet it was still comfortable to bike around with. 

The pack is 100% made in Colorado. Check it out!

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