5 Reasons Girls Are Afraid To Drink Beer (But Shouldn’t Be)

#5 Beer has too many calories. 

    Sure – beer is like a lot of things… if you over-indulge, it will likely make you gain a few pounds. However, beer does not have significantly more calories than wine or most mixed drinks and you’re not as likely to over-indulge in quality (craft) beer because it is very satiating. Besides, once you get into drinking beer, it becomes something you work for: “if I do 3 more miles on the bike I can have an extra pint!”

    Recommend: stay away from stouts and porters if you want to avoid extra calories. Wit beers (like Fort George Brewery’s Quick Wit) are a great option for summer (see comments below for some clarifying points about this recommendation).


    #4 There are too many types of beer – I don’t know where to start.

    Beer menus can certainly be overwhelming. However, typically it’s a safe bet to order a brown ale. If you go into a tasting room and get a brown ale that you aren’t – at the very least – intrigued by, chances are that the brewery you’re visiting isn’t that great. Time to move along. At the bottle shop you may find a similarly overwhelming variety of beers – depending on where you’re located. It’s highly probable that the best selection in a bottle shop will come from local brewers… so if you don’t know who the local brewers are, ask.

    Recommend: start with a basic style – nothing too fancy – and explore from there. Stone Brewing’s Arrogant Bastard Ale is one of my favorites and, in spite of its name, is fairly un-intimidating.


    #3 Beer makes me gassy.

    Yeah, I hear ya.

    Recommend: Eat fruits, vegetables and a couple of Gas-Ex before you start drinking. Drink a cup or two of water between every beer. All of this will help to move the carbonation through your system and prevent it from lingering in your gut.


    #2 It’s easier to get buzzed with wine or spirits.

    Maybe… but there are some pretty “big” beers our there right now (this is how beer geek types refer to a beer that has a high ABV – “big”). Barley wines are typically higher ABV’s and so are Imperial IPA’s.

    Recommend: Dogfish Head 120 Minutes IPA. ~18% ABV… Just one will give you a delightful buzz.


    #1 I don’t like the way beer tastes.

    Are you sure? Chances are if you’ve never had a craft beer, you don’t really know what beer tastes like. As a relative newbie to the craft beer world myself, I’ve found that there is a lot of nuance to different beer styles.

    Recommend: Go to your nearest craft brewery and order a flight of beers.  If by the end of that flight you haven’t found a style that you like, try again the following week at another brewery. :)


    Cheers - Amy

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