Let's Talk About Upright Brewing

Spring has Sprung! Let's have some saisons!


Video Transcript:
Hi! This is Gina with Craft Beer Hound here to welcome you into Spring and talk to you about a brilliant way to ring in the Spring drinking season.
I’d like to talk to you about Upright Brewing and their Number Seven Saison. Upright Brewing is out of Portland, Oregon. They are a Belgian-centric brewery, so they like to do Belgian style beers. They have been doing this numbered series for quite a few years now… they have a Four, a Five, a Six and now a Seven.
I had heard that this beer was out – going to be on the shelves – maybe six months ago, but just found it here in Vegas about a week ago and had the chance to try it the other night and it was phenomenal.
So, the numbered style series from them is an open-fermented saison series, so they use the same saison-style yeast, they do an open fermentation, but the beers from year to year vary – kind of – a lot.
For instance, the Six was a rye beer so it was quite spicy and had those rye characteristics, whereas, this one is a very classic saison beer. It’s an amazing beer: it has just the right amount of fruitiness and sweetness and – I wouldn’t even say it was tart – it was so smooth and it was just… I wanted to talk about it because if you love Belgian beers, you need to try this beer – the Number Seven from Upright. If you think you might like to try a saison sometime, this is the one. It’s amazing, it’s easy drinking and just a great example of the style.
Check it out and have fun! Happy drinking in Spring. Spring has sprung – let’s have some saisons!

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