How To Pour A Black and Tan and Other Better Layered Beer Combinations


Video Highlights:

00:16 – On tasting layered beer drinks

00:32 – On what beers to layer

01:31 – On how to layer beers

02:41 – On what tasted best

Video Transcript: 

Hi, this is Gina with Craft Beer Hound talking to you a little bit – as we approach St. Patrick’s Day – about layered beer drinks.

On tasting: You’re going to start off with flavors from whatever beer you have on top and then as you go down through your pint, you will get a mix of the flavors from the beer below and then you’ll finish with a more pure form of whatever you’ve got on the bottom.

On what to layer: Here in America, your classic Black and Tan is Bass and Guinness Drought – not Guinness Stout. But, if you were in Ireland and you ordered a Black and Tan, they would look at you really funny one because that is an American term and two if they did decide to give you a drink when you ordered a black and tan, they would give you what they call a “half and half”…and that, more than likely, is going to be an Irish Lager or an Irish Ale topped with Guinness Drought.

Another popular one is a Snake Bite. A Snake Bite is a cider – it could be apple or pear – on the bottom again with the Guinness Draft on top.

One that I haven’t tried yet – and I’m looking forward to as we do this – is with Guinness and a white ale or a wit. Also, I’ve even heard of people layering Guinness with champagne. It’s not a beer but it might be a really fun and different experience.

On how to layer: Pouring layered beer drinks is really easy. You’re going to need a trusty bottle opener, a pouring spoon, and a pub glass. So we’re going to open up our first beer, which is in this case our Wasatch White. It should give us a really nice look because it’s a really light colored beer. What we’re gonna want to do is we’re pour just over half the glass. Then open the Guinness and let that sit for just a minute… Now go ahead and place the spoon on the edge of the glass and begin to pour it as slowly as possible on to the top of the spoon so that it just dribbles.

On what was best: Runner up was downtown brown topped with Guinness – so a brown ale. But the most surprising winner was the Black and White. It was a Belgian whit ale – ours was from Wasatch Brewery – this was an amazing combination. The roastiness from the Guinness and the fruity flavors from the whit are amazing.  I highly recommend it.

When you’re getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, you need to make sure you have a pouring spoon and a set of good glasses and make yourself some layered beer drinks. It’s a lot of fun and tasty drinking. Cheers!

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