The Beard Beer from Rogue Ales - Is it worth the "EEEWW!!" Factor?

I first heard about this beer in late fall and my first reaction, maybe because I'm a girl or maybe just because I'm human, was "EEEWW!!".  After that I didn't give it much thought.  I didn't see it on the shelves and so I sort of forgot about it until I was at the beer store this week and there it was on the shelf.  Oh, Man.  Subconsciously I must have thought I had dodged it, but seeing it right there in front of me, it all came back to me in a flash, "EEEWW!", a gag creeping up, "From his beard really?  Gross".  There HE was the Beard Beer guy, dant, dant ,da!!!  But, wait... he looked less than ominous - friendly even. His image seemed to be egging me on, "Come on, you can't not try it."  He was right.  I couldn't not try it.  So, I made the purchase.

In the few days it sat in my fridge, I ping-ponged between curiosity, "Is he at least a brewer?  That would make me feel better", "How did they come up with the idea? "Was there some sanitation issue or did they just think it would be funny?" and repulsion.  It really is a weird, gross idea.

The time came to nut up or shut up.  As I got the glasses out I summoned the courage... There he was staring at me daring me to try the beer they made with microorganisms that they found in his beard.  Wait!  Microorganisms, yes!  Finally it clicked. I took that class.  I had done this very thing, taken swabs from everyday objects to see what types of microorganisms, e.g. bacteria, yeast and fungus were present.  And as it came back to me I remembered how the process is long and painstaking to extract just the one thing that you are looking to find.  Yes it was yeast that was gathered from a man's beard, but somehow it helped that it was just the yeast and not whatever other goo might be found in a man's beard.   And so, just in the nick of time I had the knowledge that would let me enjoy or at least the taste this beer with an open mind.

And what did I find??  This man's beard is Belgian!!  Fruity, tart and very clean and refreshing. I can't believe I am saying this, but it was really good!!  I'd even drink it again.

My advice: don't not try it.

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