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Our mission is to find and design the most unique gifts and gadgets for beer lovers. From shadow box frames customized to hold a special bottle cap collection to hand-crafted stone beer coasters and Hop Head tees, we are sure to have the perfect item for the cool beer lover in your life.

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Let's Talk About IPA's

August 05, 2014


00:48 Gina tells us about a couple of bucket list IPA’s

01:00 Gina tells us why hops were originally used in beer

01:20 Hop Varieties graphic

01:50 Gina explains how adding hops at different times during the brewing process changes the impact on the brew

03:22 Check out our Hop Gear

10 Craft Beer Twitter Feeds to Follow

July 28, 2014

Here are a few of the Twitter feeds we enjoy: 

@thebeeroness for great beer food recipes

@beerbabe for witty observations about what's going on in the craft beer world

@activebeergeek for inspiration to run off all that beer and beer food


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